General Description

Our company ARYUM is the Turkish representative of CHEMVIRON CARBON. CHEMVIRON CARBON is a company which belongs to CALGON CARBON who is one of the leading companies in manufacturing, supplying material and technical support for activated carbon. Additional to the headquarters of CALGON is in USA, there is CHEMVIRON plant in Belgium and there are other manufacturing plants in different countries like UK and China. 

Activated carbon is produced from raw materials which have high carbon content like coal, cocnut shells and wood. The raw material also effects the structural characterisics of the carbon and relatively its performance. 

Graphite structure of activated carbon forms very large surface area and the carbon has the role of a filter by its ability to adsorb wide range of molecules (color, odour, etc). 

Carbon types in our product range are as below :

  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) : irregular shaped particles between 0,2 and 5 mm. Preferably used in liquid and gas phase applications.
  • Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) : pulverized carbon smaller than 0,18mm. Preferably used in liquid applications and flue gas applications.
  • Extruded / Pellet Activated Carbon (EAC) : carbon which is extruded into cyclinders of diameter 0,8 and 5 mm. Preferably used in gas applications for low pressure drop, high mechanical strength and low dust formation.

For special applications, below types of carbons are also available :

  • Acid-Washed Activated Carbon : preferably used for applications where any impurities from the carbon shall not pass to the media like food applications (sweeteners, etc) and pharmaceuticals which are considered as sensitive media.
  • Impregnated Activated Carbon : substances like hydrogen sulphide (H2S), mercaptans, sulphur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen chloride cannot be adsorbed by carbon. Impregnated carbons are specially designed fort he elimination of such substances.

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